"Comraich" is a fledgling Natural Sanctuary and permaculture project in the Heart of Argyll, in the magical Kilmichael Glen. We are secluded, yet not remote, being only 10 minutes from the coastal town of Lochgilphead, and just 2 hours drive from Glasgow Airport. Comraich is accessible by public transport via a stunning 2.5 hour bus ride from Glasgow to Lochgilphead, which is then 10 minutes from Comraich. 

Comraich Location: 


What is Comraich? “Comraich” pronounced ‘comree’ means Sanctuary in Gaelic, the original language of this part of Scotland. 

Comraich was purchased in 2013 and consists of 14 acres of land. Half of Comraich is surrounded by the river Add (Salmon and trout river running to the Atlantic ocean just a few miles away at Crinan.) There is native woodland comprising of birch, alder, willow, hazel, atlantic oak, rare lichens and mosses, and a range of wild flowers including orchids, bluebells, celendines, primroses, marigolds, snowdrops, and lots more exciting flora that we look forward to identifying. Wild life includes a family of red squirrels, several types of owls, and a wide range of birds. Visiting wild life includes pine martins, foxes and deer. There is a flock of very free ranging chickens.  The large lawn is home to a labyrinth and several fire pits, plus wild flowers and shrubs.


Buildings consist of a main 4 bedroomed residential house, with some Airbnb option, and a light lounge used for workshops. There is also a rented out cottage, stables, garage and a newly insulated 6 birth caravan. A large bell tent provides additional sleeping and workshop space. 


Adjacent to the house is a large vegetable garden with two greenhouses. The main focus currently is to nourish the soil through mulching, pending the arrival of consistent gardening help to grow vegetables. 

Currently, Comraich is owned and managed by Suekali, who runs the Singing Heart which offers workshops and events locally, throughout the UK and in France, Ireland and India. Her partner Rajeswar visits from India for several months of the year, when they offer singing workshops together. 


During our first 4 years, we have hosted over 250 guests including many wwoofer volunteers, guests in the cottage (when it was a Green Tourism Silver Award holiday let), friends and participants in seminars and events. Much of the work during this time was focused on maintenance and renovation   We also have ‘Dark Skies’ accreditation reflecting the fact that there is no light pollution. 


The vision

The aim is to create and sustain a Natural Sanctuary - defined as a place of rejuvenation, connection to self, others, spirit and nature, leaving people refreshed, uplifted and reawakened to a life of love, joy and connection. In practice this could manifest by our grounds having outdoor spaces maybe focusing on different traditions - Celtic, Buddhist, Hindu, Shamanic, Christian for example, places for connecting deeply with nature and spirit. Events will be linked to nature and creativity - singing, woodland exploration, storytelling, foraging, herbal walks, bird watching, start gazing, writing, painting, nature connection. A key part of the aim is to encourage biodiversity and the flourishing of nature, animals and plants in an environment free from chemicals, with a strong focus on re-using, recycling and reducing waste,  based on permaculture principles and practice. 


The Practical Challenge

Comraich has a lot of potential for development. There is a need for at additional people with practical skills and experience in gardening, landscaping, building and maintenance who love to work and live on the land and want to contribute to the vision of Comraich. 

There is a need for financial resources to support the development of Comraich, and systems to ensure its sustainability in the future. 

Contact us for further information


00 44 (0)1546 603883

Comraich,  Kilmichael Glassary, Lochgilphead, PA31 8QL



Labyrinth with caravan
Bell tent and sunset
Insulated caravan
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